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Zenertek are electricians based in local Solihull providing you with residential electrical wiring for domestic customers, we also help you design the layout your lights and power sockets in any room or property. You may want extra sockets for a computer room (together with telephone point), downlighters in the bathroom/kitchen, security lighting in the garden, TV points, etc. Now you can plan your own power and lighting need and we only charge £45 per point.
Extractor fans are usually used for two distinctive purposes in the domestic situation:

To remove moisture, to remove unwanted smells Domestic extractor fans come in a variety of sizes and designs, usually from 100mm diameter to 150mm, depending on the size of room. The bigger the fan, the faster the air is removed and replaced. A standard fan can be switched off manually, either by a pull cord fitted to the fan, or by a wall switch. For £100, our installation package includes: Consultation on the size of extractor fan and location; Drilling a hole for the extractor fan in a suitable location; Installing the ducting and grill; Installing the extractor fan and spur.

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