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A local licensed contractor based in Solihull, Shirley who is qualified to undertake any domestic and commercial electrical work can provide you with a free no obligation quote. In the UK many homes are still equipped with an old style fuse box. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your fuse box for a new style consumer unit. This will provide better electrical safety to your property but more importantly, your family or tenants. A consumer unit will also ensure your home is up to the current standards of the electrical regulations. In January 2015, IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) Amendment 3 will be published. A major change in Amendment 3 concerns consumer units, the term for a modern day domestic fuse box.

New regulation 401.1.201 will state that in domestic environments.
Due to the number of consumer unit fires reported within domestic premises, Regulation 421.1.201 (UK only) has been added and requires consumer units and similiar switchgear to have their enclosure manufactured from non-combustable material or be enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustable material and comply with Regulation 132.12.
This regulation was implemented on 1st January 2016.

consumer unit

BEAMA, the independent expert knowledge base and forum for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe, has said that the primary root-cause of fires in consumer units is loose connections. Additionally, the Fire Brigade has found that fires involving consumer units have increased to approximately five incidents each week. It’s clear that a change needs to be made to protect our customers from potential harm.




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